Top 3 Uses for Printed Cardboard
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Top 3 Uses for Printed Cardboard

28 Feb 2014


Cardboard printing is something that we've gotten into since we bought our HP FB700, because the inks are so flexible the cardboard can be bent in every different way without the ink cracking. Once we started playing with printed cardboard we just couldn't stop! There are a lot of different things you can do with cardboard, so here's my top 3:


Charity Boxes


Charity boxes are something you see in every shop and they are a very easy item to make out of corrugated cardboard. We have a template set up which can be scaled to different widths, lengths and depths. The cardboard is printed and cut / creased from a flat sheet which is then folded up by hand into a glue-less charity box. The benefit of using cardboard over display board is it is more flexible and less likely to break.




Cardboard is a great alternative to foamex for standees because of how lightweight it is. We use an EB flute cardboard which is much more rigid due to the double fluting, and we then cut backstruts which are taped onto the back. Printed cardboard is very good for standees as it is so lightweight, but it also means that if anyone knocks into it then no-one will get hurt!


Mailout Packs


For our mailout packs we make a sleeve using E flute cardboard; it's the strength of the cardboard that makes it ideal for mailouts because it will take any kind of battering from being in transit and still hold up. The white paper either side of cardboard is suitable for printing, so the mailout packaging can be a full colour advert in itself. This is an advantage as well because it will protect the important contents of whatever you're posting.