Top 3 uses for Flag
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Top 3 uses for Flag

25 Feb 2014


Flag knitted polyester is a very popular substrate; because it is polyester it can take sublimation inks, so it's easy to produce full colour prints and the flexibility of the material means it can be finished in so many different ways. Although flag is most commonly used for feather flags and teardrop flags, by printing, cutting and finishing in a creative way it is possible to produce new products. Here's 3 products that can be made using flag knitted polyester:



 Tablecloths are a surprisingly popular product. Everytime you say tablecloths to someone they stop and ask why they're so popular, but within the world of events and exhibitions it makes perfect sense. Display polyester is often used for tablecloths, but flag knitted polyester provides a great budget alternative. The print quality is still very good, it's just the material is more lightweight - which actually suits some people a lot better than a heavier display polyester.





Flag can work really well as a backdrop for events, exhibitions and theatre productions because of how vibrant the colours are. Multiple pieces can also be sewn together to make a much larger print. Flag can also be cut and finished to fit existing frames / scaffolding for different venues. Also as flag is so lightweight the print can be folded up and easily stored between performances, compared to vinyl or solid boards that are much harder to pack away. From a distribution perspective, flag is much easier too as it can be packed up much smaller than other materials and is also a lot lighter. 


Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are a great alternative to vinyl banners for all the same reasons as the fabric backdrops: they are lightweight, can be joined to make larger prints and are easy to store. The added benefit of flag banners over vinyl banners is that flag is recyclable, so once you've finished with your fabric banner it can be recycled. Banners made from flag has the same finishing options as a vinyl banner - whether you want pole pockets, hem & eyelet or double sided, it's not a problem.