Top 3 uses for Correx
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Top 3 uses for Correx Printing

10 Mar 2014


Printed correx has a bit of a bad reputation as being cheap, quick and nasty. It's the lowest common denominator with external signage and no-one has very high expectations of it. Here at Bullseye, on the other hand, we have a lot of faith in what you can do with the correx when you handle it properly. Here's the top 3 creative products you can produce with UV printed and CNC cut correx:


Dump Bins


The most common way of producing dump bins is screen printing large sheets then die cutting / creasing them into shape. Immediately alarm bells start ringing for large format printing whenever screens or dies are involved because the cost can become astronomical for short runs. However, using a UV printing process knocks the screens out of the water and then CNC cutting means you don't have to produce a die. So a scarily expensive product has quickly turned into a very feasible, digitally printed job.




Totems are made by having one solid piece which is then either creased in 2 places to fold into one with a discreet velcro join, or by fixing together 3 individual pieces to make one stand alone unit. In the past we've used foamex and reboard, but recently we've start producing totems using correx because once they're up, they look great! It's easy to dismiss correx as the fluting is visible on the print when you're up close, but from a few feet away you stop noticing the fluting and all you see is the design.


 Wall Displays


Following on from the totems, correx can even be used for wall displays. Although this is a bit of a contraversial statement, we've noticed since we mounted correx up on the wall alongside the other rigid materials that when it is printed on a high quality it can easily compete with other materials. The thing to remember with wall displays is that a lot of people stand right up to the print before its mounted and worry about how sharp the images are. However, a wall display is not necessarily a piece of art and it needs to be put into context. A wall display is generally used in the background to add a bit of colour to a room, and that's where correx is a cost effective way to brighten up a room.