Top 3 uses for Cafe Barriers
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Top 3 uses for Cafe Barriers

03 Mar 2014


Cafe barriers are a great product, but they are typecast by their name: CAFE barrier. Therefore a lot of people don't consider how they can be used for other purposes. Here's a few ideas of different ways cafe barriers can be used:




Cafe barriers look like such solid structures that a lot of people don't consider using them for temporary spaces, but in the reality the poles and bases can all be separated for easily transportation, and the material can be rolled up. You start with two bases and poles, then build out as many as you need, so you can get creative with closing off different areas and opening up your exhibition space using cafe barriers. Some companies that have a lot of products even use them to split their stand into two sections, to make it easier for their prospective customers to see the different components to their business.


Local Sports Events


Cafe barriers can work well at low key / local sports events because they can be used to separate out areas. This can be for pop-up cafes near the coffee machines or rest areas for the athletes. The heavy weight bases keep the frames in place, so there's no worry about them falling over on grass, as long as its on a flat surface. The added benefit as well is you can offer the printing space on the graphics to your advertisers, giving them the opportunity to show off their brand, whilst drumming up more funds for the sports club.


Pop Up Shops


In the same way that cafe barriers can be used for exhibitions, they are also ideal for pop up shops because they can be easily assembled and then packed away when you're finished. You can use cafe barriers to create a premium area around certain products, to split the shop into different types of products or even to corner off an area for your customers to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.