How to Save Time on Every Print Order You Place #4
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How to Save Time on Every Print Order You Place #4

18 Mar 2014


Delivery is the last stage of most jobs, but it also has the potential to do the most amount of damage if it isn't sorted out early enough. Here's a few tips on what you can do to try and solve the problem before it rears its ugly head.


Raise the question early


When you get involved with the initial quote for your customer then ask them about where they would need it delivered. It's easy to forget about that when you're caught up in the middle of pitching for the work, but the sooner you know the better. Another point is that if you know where its being delivered it'll prevent it can any extra courier charges later down the line. For instance, if you're sending a parcel overnight to Edinburgh that generally goes under a standard rate, whereas if its going to the Shetland Islands there is a pretty hefty surcharge!


Research the location and know the timings


Following on from the example of the Shetland Islands, the location has a big bearing on how long it'll take the parcel to be delivered. As soon as parcels go outside of mainland UK (ie if there's any water travel involved) timings can become very complicated. Although it may look like a short distance, there is a lot more involved when it comes to these types of deliveries. So the sooner you know where your delivery is going, the sooner you can factor in these timings into lead times for your customers. A 3 day lead time quickly turns into 6 if the location is awkward to get to!


Keep your printer in the know


As soon as you have this information, share it! Delivery addresses can have an impact on production and distribution schedules, so the sooner your printer knows, the easier it is for them to organise themselves. This will have a particular bearing with local timed deliveries and overseas deliveries as they often involved contract drivers or couriers, rather than standard overnight couriers.