Bullseye 2014 Office Tidy #5
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Bullseye 2014 Office Tidy #5

06 Mar 2014


Now we have put up our rigid materials and our sublimation printed materials, we have the next stage: aqueous, solvent and UV printed flexible materials. 


This is all part of our continued effort to:

  • Brighten up the office


  • Show off what we can do


The final materials that we are displaying are:

We already have a range of materials displayed in the office, from foamex to flag, but these are core materials that people still want to see how they can be displayed and have a good look at the quality.


The one thing that has surprised us the most is how hard it can be to differentiate between materials when they have been mounted onto a wall. Up close or from the side it is pretty obvious which is which - particularly with corrugated materials like correx and cardboard. But from a distance it isn't easy to tell the difference between these materials, and that is another reason why it is worth displaying these last 4 materials: to show how different, but also how similar they are when displayed.


Banner vinyl is a material that is under-utilised for interior display graphics; but when you stand a few feet away, or if the banner is in the background somewhere, you don't notice the texture or makeup of the material - it looks just as good as any other material out there, providing it has been printed on a high quality setting. 


All of the mounting work is in progress at the moment, so I'll upload some pictures when it's been complete to show off the whole office!