Office Tidy #4
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Bullseye 2014 Office Tidy #4

27 Feb 2014


We have finished another wall in our office! There are a few reasons why we've dedicated such a large space to sublimation printed fabrics:

  1. To show the variety of materials that are available with sublimation and how bright the colours are
  2. To give customers the opportunity to see the materials up close, and to be able to touch them - something they wouldn't normally be allowed to do!
  3. To brighten up the office!


Something else we wanted to demonstrate is how colours can contrast between different materials, even when they are printed on the same machine. Subtle changes in colour are not obvious when prints are in isolation, but they are much clearer when hung up against each other - and as this is a constant struggle in printing it's helpful to demonstrate on a large scale. To drive this point home we have used one complete image, split it across 6 materials and hung them up alongside each other.

The materials we have used are:

To display all of these fabrics we have fitted the top and bottom with pole pockets which have dowling sewn in, and attached rope to the top. Hooks have been fixed into the wall so the rope sits on top, and the weight in the bottom of the dowling keeps the print hanging down flat. The purpose of doing this is that we have the option to change the prints whenever we want, without having to unscrew the displays every time. All we do is lift the rope off the hook and we're ready for the next print!

Our next step is to sort out the remaining materials - banner vinyl PVC, canvas, poster and pull up banner. These will all be displayed in the same way but in different places around the office.