Sticker Vinyl


Sticker vinyl is a material that can be used for so many different applications. It can be used to dress shop windows, as car graphics, giveaway promotions at exhibitions, packaging labels and more. We keep a stock of clear and white vinyl that can be full colour printed up to 1.5m wide by 30m long. We use our CNC cutter to cut our stickers to any size or shape – they can either be supplied ‘kiss-cut’ which is on a sheet, or ‘through-cut’ where they are supplied loose and you peel the backing off to apply them. 


A popular option for window graphics is to have clear vinyl printed in reverse which is then ‘backed up’ with white vinyl. This then means you can peel off the top layer and the adhesive is on the face of the graphics so they can be applied inside of a window.


We digitally print our stickers either using solvent or UV processes which are both perfect to make a long lasting, high quality print. Our turnaround times are typically 3 – 5 working days, but as we produce these products in-house we can offer a same-day service if necessary.  There is also the option on round stickers to have them ‘domed’ which involves applying a level of clear resin onto the sticker making them ideal to put on promotional gifts.