Reboard Printing


Reboard is a brand name for honeycomb board which is a recyclable kraft material that has a white clay coating on both sides to receive UV printing. We can then cut the reboard to shape so create complete bespoke display boards. The construct of the material is so strong that at 16mm it can be stood on without risk of breakage.


One popular usage for reboard that we have created using our CNC facilities is free standing display units (FSDUs) that can be flat packed and when assembled hold books or other display items. The designs of these units include backstruts that interlock to produce a very sturdy unit. As we CNC cut the boards as opposed to die-cutting there aren't any expensive set up charges that come with die-cutting, and it means that we can produce quantities from 1 without being too expensive. We can also use reboard to make free standing adverts as an alternative to pull up banners as they can be cut to bespoke shapes. 


Trade prices are available - contact us for more information.