Printed Magnet

Magnetic signs are ideal for removable signage for vans. They can be easily taken on and off without causing any damage to the paintwork on the car, and it also means that the graphics can be regularly changed.



We supply 0.6mm and 0.85mm thick white faced magnetic sign PVC - which we digitally print in full colour. This is up to 1200mm wide and up to 30 metres long. We buy in a roll and cut the print down to size, and also to any shape that you need, so you can get creative with your graphics. Once the material is printed we then CNC cut it to shape so you can have the magnetic cut to fit around the fixings on your van, or in the shape of your logo. 


Our customers typically have their logo, a list of what they do and their contact details on, but with this easily removable material you could have multiple designs with special offers that you can regularly change on your van.


If you have any questions about printable magnetic PVC feel free to contact us.