Our Approach to Creative Print

I've been asked to source 'x' ...what is it...how does it work...and can you do it??

We always begin with a sketch of the idea, and from there we work out the right materials, how the product goes together and, most importantly, the cost.


Whenever we produce anything new we will always create a sample first. In the case of POS displays or packaging it's important for us to know that all of the tabs lock in properly and that you won't be supplied with 100 units that simply don't work. This is a cost that is always outlined in the quote.


The sample production allows us to experiment with different materials to create the highest quality product at the most competitive price. If you have a specific material you need or even a physical sample from a previous job then just let us know as it's all helpful information when pulling together your bespoke print.

Turnaround Times

Here at Bullseye we pride ourselves on supplying our print to even the hardest deadlines, so if you have a specific deadline in mind when you're asking for a price let us know as soon as possible. We use the sample production to estimate how long the product will take to produce. We can take a fair guess in the initial quoting stage, but it's only once we've given it a whirl that we can see how long it will take to print, cut and pack each unit. If the estimated turnaround time is beyond your deadline then we'll work with you to see what the alternatives are and we guarantee to pull out all of the stops to make sure you get your print on time.


If you have any questions about our Creative Print Solutions then feel free to email jack@bullseyeuk.com with a description of your requirements, any sketches, pictures and ideas that you have.