FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol - it is just an easy way to send large files over the internet. Due to the limitations of email inboxes and the likelihood of big files bouncing back we prefer to send and receive all of our artwork files using our FTP service.

We use WeTransfer as our FTP service, to use it follow these instructions:

  • Click here
  • Click ‘Add files’ and find your file(s)
  • Click ‘Your Email’ and enter your email address
  • Click ‘Message’ and type a short message, including your telephone number and an order number if you have one
  • Click ‘Transfer’
  • Don’t close the page until a message shows that the transfer is complete – for large files it may take a while

If you have any issues with using our FTP then call us on 01753 578830 and we'll work out another way to receive your files.