Exhibition Stands


Pop up exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes, but they are essentially all the same: they are collapsable units that fit into carry cases / bags which are supplied with full colour prints that are attached with clips and magnetic strips. The advantage of these types of stands is that they are easy to put up, to store and travel with. The graphics come in strips and as the graphics are separate from the unit they can be easily replaced without having to buy a whole new unit. Exhibition units are referred to as 3x1, 3x2, 3x3 etc - the first number is the number of vertical sections and the second number is the number of horizontal panels e.g. 3x1 means 3 sections up and 1 panel across.


We UV print a flexible substrate for your exhibition units which can be rolled up and taken from exhibition to exhibition. The alternative to this is printing on rigid panels, but they’re more susceptible to breaking, harder to store and a pain to travel with. The UV print process we use for our exhibition graphics ensure that they don’t need to be laminated due to the strength of the inks, but we can offer an anti-scratch laminate for your pop up unit if you want to ensure it will last that bit longer.


Although they’re called exhibition stands they can be used for a huge range of purposes other than just exhibitions. The pop up stands can be used in shops to display new products, or even client pitches to display key information about your products and services.


As there are so many different size and shaped units we will provide you with a template so you can lay it up correctly. The trick with this sort of artwork is making sure the text doesn’t go over any joins to better create the illusion of a continuous print. We can also lay out the artwork for you if you supply us with the logos, pictures, colours and any text you would like.


If you have any questions about pop up unit printing then feel free to give us a call on 01753 578830 or email sales@bullseyeuk.com.