Duratrans (short for durable transparency) is a brand name for a material that is used for lightboxes as the transparency allows light to diffuse through the image. We aqueous print this lightbox material which ensures a very high quality print with excellent fine detail. We can print up to 1500mm wide by 30 metres, so just name the size and we’ll do it! If you want your print to have that extra effect we can CNC cut it to any shape you like - just make sure there is still space for it to slot into your frame.


The funny thing about durantrans printing is that the prints look like they’ve been misprinted until they are held up to the light or put onto the lightbox. When they have light behind them they look fantastic, but until then it’s normal for them to look terrible.


Printed duratrans can be used anywhere that have lightboxes, so they’re ideal as stylish office decor, restaurants and even art galleries. Once you have your lightbox set up you can either order new graphics as and when you want them printed to keep the information up-to-date, or you can order multiple graphics and change them over on a daily / weekly basis to add a bit of variety to the office.


If you have any questions about Duratrans printing then feel free to give us a call on 01753 578830 or email sales@bullseyeuk.com.