Correx Printing


Correx is a brand name for a fluted polypropylene sheet which is ideal for short term internal or external signage. It comes in different colours, but we usually buy white and full colour UV print so your design can be replicated in the colours you need. It is available in 3,800 micron (3.8mm), 5,500 micron (5.5mm), 8,000 micron (8mm) and 10,000 micron (10mm) in sheet sizes ranging up to 1.5m by 3m, depending on the thickness of the board.


For all of our printed correx we UV print in full colour then CNC cut to any shape that you need. The advantage of this process is that we can produce low runs in bespoke shapes at good prices, but also we can offer economies of scale for higher runs. We can also print multiple artworks in different colours without incurring expensive screen charges that would be involved in traditional screen printing. To compliment the correx we can also provide fixings for it to be used in shops or at exhibitions. One popular product is dump bins, and using UV printing with CNC cutting they can be produced in quantities from 1!


The turnaround time for fluted display board printing is usually 3 - 5 working days, but we can offer a next day despatch service if need be. If you have an urgent requirement for correx then contact us on 01753 578830 with the size, thickness, quantity and colour of correx (if necessary).