Charity Boxes


Using a combination of our UV flatbed printer and our CNC cutter we can produce low runs of charity boxes to display pin badges, cakes or any other products you want to sell on a counter to raise money for your charity.


We start by printing a sheet of corrugated e-flute cardboard which is 1.6m by 2.1m with a flat design of the charity box. We UV print in full colour CMYK so you can have your logo and pictures in full colour on the donation box. This is then loaded onto our CNC cutter where it is cut and creased to shape so it can then be folded up into the finished item. The advantage of the template that we use is that it is glueless, meaning they boxes can be easily distributed flat - reducing the likelihood of breakage - and then quickly assembled when they arrive at their destination. The charity boxes come with a removable and collapsable coin collector for customers to drop in their donation. This box can be easily opened to empty out the donations at the end of the day.


There are no minimum order quantities for charity display boxes as we can produce just one for your charity if that's what you need, or even multiple designs within the quantities you need. We have templates for a couple of set sizes, but if you need a bespoke size then contact us with the dimensions you need or a budget and we can work out the best option for you.


Trade prices are available - please contact us for more information.