Cardboard Standees


Cardboard standees are a fantastic way to promote a new product on the market, show off your latest catalogue or even a bit of fun for a birthday party. We digitally UV print our cardboard standees and then CNC cut them to shape. The advantage of producing standees this way is that we can produce individual designs without expensive set up costs, and they can be cut to bespoke shapes without a die charge.


These cardboard standees are printed on a 525g EB flute cardboard sheet which is 1.6m by 2.1m which is papered both side to accept UV ink. We print the sheet in full colour with your design with registration marks so our CNC cutter can find the shape. In addition to this we cut a backstrut out of the same material which is taped onto the back. The benefit of the backstruts we offer is that they fold flat, so these standees can be easily distributed across the UK or stored in fulfilment centres.


There are no minimum quantities with cardboard standees and we can cut them to any 2D shape you need. If you want to get really creative with your print we can cut out grooves in the design so we can add in a flat pack leaflet dispenser.


Contact us for more information or for trade prices on printed cardboard standees.