Bespoke Packaging


Using a combination of corrugated cardboard, display board and folding box board we can create a huge variety of bespoke packaging. This might be a couple of counter display units for charity pin badges, or prototype packaging when pitching a new product to prospective retailers. Our expertise here lies in affordable, short runs.


We UV print then CNC cut and crease any of the above materials to make short runs of packaging that suits your product. The advantage of using this process is that we can produce one off samples which allow you to tweak the designs until they’re just right. Traditionally this sort of process would involve screen / litho print and die cutting which all have expensive set up costs, whereas our process doesn’t have these physical set up costs.


If you need any kind of bespoke packaging the first step to is to find an image, or drawing of what you need, determine the dimensions and work out the necessary quantities. From this we can provide a quote based on the quantity, design work required and lead time.