A Board Printing


We can supply a-boards, also known as sign boards, to fit A1 and A2 size posters. They all have double sided snap frames so the posters can be easily changed as and when you need them. The sturdy galvanised steel backing on the sign boards ensure that they are long lasting, but the snap frames mean that you can repeatedly change the advertising without having to buy a new board.


Our posters are digitally printed so we can produce 1 for each side to be supplied with the frame, and then we can supply replacement posters when you need them. Alternatively if you have several designs ready we can print them in one batch, offering a reduced unit price and meaning that you have the flexibility to change your a-board exactly when you want to.


These a-frames collapse together at the feet so they can be easily stored during bad weather / overnight which will lengthen their shelf life.


If you have any questions about these frames then contact us for more information, or see the specification sheets below.