CNC Cutting


CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control - it converts a vector design into numbers which are then plotted as co-ordinates of a graph, this then dictates where the cutter moves to, creating the shapes that are cut out of the material. For example the software converts a square into 4 co-ordinates, draws the line in-between those points and tells the knife to go to those points. The result is then a square cut out of any material. But it can get a lot more complex than that - we've cut the shape of people out of foamex, the flat net of a box out of cardboard or slot together furniture.


We can load 2.2 metre by 3 metre sheets onto the cutter bed, or alternatively we can load a 2.2m wide by 100m long roll of material onto the back of the machine.


The machine then pulls the material to the front of the bed, cuts it and then feeds the next section of the material. This continuous process of cutting means we can cut incredibly long rolls of material in a very accurate way.