Conveyor belt sewer


We have 1 conveyor belt sewing machines which is operated by our in-house seamstresses. We use these sewing machines to turn printed fabric into flags, cushions, fabric banners or whatever it is you need. The flexibility that having all of our finishing in-house offers us means that we can offer a completely bespoke finishing service for you and your customers. The conveyor belt sewing machine is particularly helpful for long straight edges, such as forecourt flags, as it works much faster than a conventional sewing machine.


We also provide a trade finishing service for if you have the facilities to print but not put the final product together, or if a large job would be detrimental to your workflow. Our artwork team will work with you to ensure the material is printed with the necessary bleeds and finishing marks so we can quickly and efficiently put together your prints. Contact us for more information onr our trade finishing services.