ArtiosCAD is used for creating packaging design for corrugated material for boxes, folding carton, POP (Point-of-Purchase), POS (Point-of-Sale) and FSDU (Free Standing Display units). It contains a huge library of customisable designs which means we don't need to create anything from scratch, instead we modify existing designs to suit any purpose. The benefit of this library is that our in-house designers can produce designs and we don't need to use a CAD specialist.


The software can be used to design in 3D and then it produces 2D templates for each individual component that makes up the unit. For instance an FSDU could be be made up of 2 back pieces and 3 shelf units. Each of these would be individual cut and creased into shape. We can use corrugated cardboard, folding box board or reboard to produce our finished units.